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this weekend i tackled my serious canning checklist. i think i'm now totally addicted to making this a fall ritual. maybe it's because it really is easy to do (keep in mind this was my first attempt this year) or maybe it is because of the sense of accomplishment you feel seeing a line of jars growing that all look so yummy. i should also mentioned that it can be an eco- and economically-friendly option as well. either way i encourage you to get on this bandwagon. i do apologize in advance that  some of you may get sick of all the canning recipes i do plan post, but I also promise to share any cookbook reviews (like this one below) i have found helpful, tips, tools and any other useful bits of information/links on what to do with what you can canned. now... let us drool over the images of this fig & apple jam

I tried this Fig & Apple recipe from The Preserving Book by Lynda Brown and already know it's going to one i make every year.  I've had the book for some time just didn't have the space until i moved into our new home to really get down and dirty with it. This book has some great overall recipes that are very easy for anyone starting out. I clearly offers a well laid out guide to what you will need to get started with great visual aids to show you what the tools look like. I also offers very useful tips and suggestion at the start of the book, and then further breaks down into easy to follow chapters such as jams, jelly, veggies in oil, sauces and yes even beer making. The recipes are simple to read and follow and most have very pretty pictures, which being new to anything cooking related I always find helpful as a guide towards what you are aiming to end up with. Lynda Brown also highlights other alternatives to effective preserving of vegetables for winter and herbs outside of canning. I highly recommend this book as great starting point for anyone looking to give preserving a try and/or is not 100% comfortable yet at trying out their own flavour combinations.  To view more about the book or to order it you can click here!

what to make - need an idea on what to make with fig apple jam, try this Fig & Cheese Crostini recipe from FoodieCrush

helpful hints - if i were to make this again i would peel the thick skin off the figs. i know many recipes will tell you to leave it but i would suggest removing it to avoid removing any skin clumps when eating it later on.  i might also try adding in a splash of bourbon for an extra flavour instead of cinnamon, or adding a clove into the mix but pulling it out before the final canning steps.


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