Bakerbots Baking


on a quiet street, sitting peacefully beside Ossington station there is a teeny-tiny shop, with teeny-tiny treats, called Bakerbots Baking (@bakerbotsbaking) in toronto. if you haven't heard of Bakerbots you should. if you haven't been to toronto and want some of the best sweets in town, go here. this designer shop is a world unto itself and i'm so glad to have recently paid it a visit.  owner Rosanne Pezzelli from what I understand trained as an artist AND a baker. I know, right? Talk about a killer combo in the kitchen. specializing in non-traditional designer cakes, anything you can imagine Pezzelli can bring to life. this beautiful tiny shop is jam packed with some of the best looking sweets your mind can imagine, and it's cozy atmosphere will make you never want to leave. so don't. get yourself a london fog and an ice cream sandwich immediately. a friend had informed my husband and I that this shop created "the best ice cream sandwiches you will ever find" and omg. have they ever. the pictures here just do not do it justice. the concept is simple, you pick your fresh ice cream (i choose toffee) and your choice of homemade cookie (all dressed cookie for me), then they shape it all up into a halfmoon a few inches thick and hand it over to you in a perfect little french fry looking basket, which you then devour in the best messy fashion (asldkfnalsdn... oops sorry that was drool hitting my keyboard just thinking about it).  a good piece of advice if you go to the shop is ask for any ice cream sandwich pairing recommendations. i know it's the fall and some of you might think i'm crazy to still be eating ice cream but honestly, it's never too cold. anything you could want as a treat to eat or drink is always in season at Bakerbots. besides who doesn't love a shop that gives you a spaghetti noodle for a coffee/tea stir stick. I sure as heck do.
go here.
your taste buds will thank you.


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