Homemade Chili Oil


having been spoiled in Italy with mouth watering food and the world's best olive oil, I decided to find easy ways to bring a little of those memorable flavours into our home – so welcome hot chili pepper oil. this is so easy it's almost stupid. if you mess this up, you almost shouldn't be allowed to eat. hot oil like this makes a great accent on pizza or pasta dishes, stir fry's, omelets or if you dare, over salad.  so, here we go...

what you’ll need:
• 1 bottle of olive oil (in my case because I like to add this oil as a topping over food so I prefer an organic olive oil, and one that is not virgin)
• 5-6 fresh whole red chili peppers
the how:  
buy your chili peppers and allow them to dry for about two weeks on a window sill. once they are more or less dried, warm your the olive oil slowly in saucepan on low heat. cut open your now dried whole chillies pulling out some of the seeds and add it all to the oil.  heat everything together for about 3-4 minutes on your low heat. remove from the stove and leave the oil to cool in the pan. then pour your mixture back into your glass bottle and add your spout. i suggest storing your bottle in a cool dry place and shaking it every so often. the longer the mixture sits, the hotter it will get! enjoy!

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