France 1: Chardonnay grapes in Chablis


When an opportunity presents itself to spend part of your favourite month of the year, October, strolling through the golden French countryside, you take it. The other week my other half and I took off with three very clear goals in mind – 1) try to relax,  2) try all the local wine we could get our hands on, and  3) stuff our faces full of warm fresh fluffy pastries. oh sweet, sweet, gluttony, followed by a lot of walking mind you.

I'm an avid traveller, if you couldn't already tell, and  i whole heartily believe that your mind and body feel better when you are out exploring something new. I read once that "travel makes you modest, because you see what a small part you occupy in this world" and it really is true. There is so much to see, touch, and learn when you get up and go anywhere. When i travel I come back feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and with a new found appreciation for my day-to-day life. 

Our trip into Paris started near the old Opera on Rue la Fayette just north of the Louvre where we spent a wonderful evening catching up with two very dear and newly married friends (welcome to the club you two!) who are lucky enough to call his beautiful city home. The next morning we kissed Paris goodbye zipping off straight for the most northern part of Burgundy wine region to a little quaint town called Chablis – obviously well known for their amazing white wine and chardonnay grapes. So of course, we made a point to try some of that deliciousness.

insert obligatory travel dork 
shutters for days and days and days,

chardonnay fields forever 
i know what you are thinking, and yes, trust me i would have brought these home if i could for that backyard vineyard i'm dream of
downtown Chablis, main square
it tastes even better than it looks

Chablis is the most beautiful very small town, seriously you should go there

Chablis is a very, very small town. There is basically just the one main road, which makes it perfect for a half or full day stop as part of a bigger trip. If you happen to find yourself here, head to the main square and pick up a walking tour map from the tourist office. You can easily navigate this tour which takes about all of an hour and gives you a good bit of history, highlights architecture and walks you through the entire town. The main square has a small number of cafes that serve up a good croque-monsieur and cold glass of Chablis. The streets are lined with wine shops that happily offer tastings and information about production, and there are a few wonderful home decor shops and small patisseries.

As for wine itself, Chablis are crisp, and refreshing almost more of a dry taste than fruity. Since Chablis wine is made from pure Chardonnay grapes some experts say that it's the "purest" expression of what true chardonnay is. 

(more posts about the trip and travel guides to come)


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