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this year i've done a much better job at getting myself way more organized for the current canning season. sometimes i swear i was born in the wrong era, because i relish and look forward to these old traditions. the feeling of accomplishment i get when i pack up fresh jars of jam or salsa into my cellar pantry space, the smell of cooking and the excitement for fresh ripe fruit in the middle of winter – nothing beats it.

i've only been really going hard at canning for a few years now, but i've learned a lot between when i started and now (with my fair share of mistakes too!). this year i got a good jump start on some varieties of jams already, and have taken the time to learn about what seasons are best time for what produce. i spent the last few years searching on the inter-webs for sample canning calendars, but sadly to no avail,  so this year I nipped that need in the butt and created my own seasonal canning calendar.

while it may not hit everything that you could possibly can in peak season, i've made sure to hit the highlights and the things i see as being the most popular items to consume!

**charted based on your average growing season in Ontario, Canada 

i hope this visual resource will give you a month-to-month guide to canning season considerations. there are so many options and ideas for things you can make and then store to enjoy through the winter months.  i've included a number of links below to some of my favourite recipes and helpful tips and resources for anyone looking to give this a shot, or just try a new take on an old recipe this time around.

Jam & Jelly
Resource Guides & Getting Started


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