Traditional & Modern Turkey Day Tablescapes


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i'm hosting thanksgiving this year, which is really our first big attempt to have a bunch of family in our still relatively new home. we've also decided to test our culinary skills and barbeque the bird (all 17 pounds of it!). ok i'll admit i'm a little worried it actually won't fit on our barbeque, but at least that clears out my oven for other things. growing up i watched my mother take such great pride in setting the dining table for holiday family gatherings. as i got older i got more involved in helping her pick out the china and linens, and design creative centerpieces with flowers and gourds. sure some of this seems like fluff to some people, but even as i get older i still love that feeling of dusting off my handed down silverware and crystal glasses. i  believe that setting a festive table shouldn't be something that adds stress to your day, or even costs a whole lot. there are so many creative ideas  using what you already own in different combinations. but, to help anyone planning a thanksgiving feast this long weekend, here are two suggestions that include a traditional mix & match tablescape, and a more modern minimalistic option, both of which  won't break the bank!
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