O Christmas Tree


In my family it never feels like Christmas time until we make our annual trip up to the Drysdale tree farm and cut our perfect Christmas tree. Rain or snow storm it is always the best day no matter what. We get up super early, pack coffees, chocolates and cherries for the car ride up north, and then spend the better part of the day layered in woolies hiking through the forest, pine tree pinching, fresh air smelling, tractor riding, Clydesdale horses watching, hot chocolate sipping and marshmallow roasting. We have kept this tradition of the tree farm day for almost 30 years now. It is deeply rooted and one that we never  like to miss out on (although it sometimes happens since we've gotten older). This year was extra special for me because the new house gets it's very own real Christmas tree! I can't get enough of that fresh pine smell! I've been working away on some homemade decorations and have been counting down for this day to come. I am now officially ready for you Christmas.


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