Zara Home


all lookbook images are totally the credit of  Zara (via this link)
my posts don't normally warrant two in a day, but this one is definitely worth it. Zara Home just opened up it's first Canadian shop yesterday at Yorkdale Mall. holy hannah stop the presses, this just made my Friday! alsdkflskdflasdlskjf (how else do you show excitement via copy!!!) yes, that is right, now you can fill your home with all that stunning European glam that Zara has to offer. from a mix of bedding and towels, to what appears to be seriously stunning tableware and decor accessories, the company looks to be offering seasonal variety at affordable and reasonable prices. wait, it gets even better. you can also shop online! omg!!!! ok, so aside from making our annual-from-scratch-tomatoe-sauce-for-the-year this weekend with my new family, you can also find me at Yorkdale face planted in all this gorgeousness. swoon.


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