A tomato affair


for those of you who may not know i married into a lovely italian family and along with teaching me many amazing traditions and yummy dishes,  they have welcomed me into their long standing yearly tomato sauce making routine. now that i have been properly initiated, I feel that I am fully allowed to state that homemade sauce totally kicks the butt of any store bought kind you can find. i just cannot go back and i will be the first to admit that yes, I'm now a total sauce snob. fresh tomato sauce also allows you to make tasty things like this. each year the entire family (cousins, aunts and uncles too!) gathers up and purchases bushels of tomatoes bought from a local farm. now that we have done this for a few years i've gotten good at knowing just how many bushels makes the amount of sauce that I need to last me one whole year. i have also gotten good at knowing what breed of tomato makes a rich sauce and even what a properly ripe tomato should smell like. typically,  the sauce is made at the end of summer/early fall when tomatoes are at their best – ripe and full of flavour. we always start super early and it often takes all day but we fill this time with music, family visiting, chopping, cooking, coffee break drinking, straining, stirring, salting, heating, canning, and then feet up pizza eating. there is absolutely nothing better than the wafting smell of fresh tomatoes cooking, and i wouldn't trade this day or fun time together for anything in the world.


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