Check Me Out ... Checkers


one of my favourite games growing up was checkers and i realized recently that i don't have any board games of my own. in fact as an adult old school board games aren't something that i seem to have acquired, but i'm starting to think it might be fun to have. one night while cooking i saw my old burnt trivet that I had been meaning to throw out and this idea popped into my head. here is a simple, quick and resourceful diy travel game which can be made in less than an hour.
if you live in Canada you know that the penny is no longer something we can use, so this DIY project also helps you find a little useful purpose for those pennies you might find laying around the house. old buttons work just as well too in case you surprisingly have no pennies.
1. grab up all the supplies you will need as listed above 2. if you don't have an old burnt trivet like me, then a piece of cardboard or even the inside of a cereal box will work. 3. take your tape and mark out a grid pattern  4. take your brush and black paint and fill in the holes on the grid with one or two coats and allow that to dry completely. 5. remove the tape and fill in the remaining square holes with your white paint to complete the look of the grid pattern. helpful hint - if you want a sharper looking grid, take a black pen or marker and outline each square for a cleaner looking style 6. once your paint has dried grab your pennies or button, partner, popcorn and beverage and play a few rounds. A super great way to recycle, reduce and reuse (insert cheesy music with that last statement.. haha!).


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