Pop it Like It's Hot


nothing beats a heatwave like a gourmet ice pop, really. while doing some fruit shopping at the Nathan Phillips Square Farmers Market, held on Wednesday's in downtown Toronto from 8am-3pm, a friend and i happened across this peddling seller called The Pop Stand. the pop's claim to fame (aside from the owner's fantastically fun and friendly personality) are their Ontario market fresh ingredients and unique combination of flavours. your selection options range from things like Peach-Bourbon-Vanilla Ice-Tea to Ginger-Thyme-Basil, Strawberry-Mint and Caramalized Banana's with Cream. these guilt free pops are seriously to die for. i highly suggest a trip to the market to try them, or keep your eyes peeled at your own local farmer's market because this pop stand is starting to pop up all over the city.


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