One Whole Year


Over a year ago I decided to under take a 365 day project. In hindsight (such a beautiful thing isn't it?), I never would have anticipated it would have been such an undertaking.  I mean really, what is one picture a day ... pfft! Well let me tell you, it is definitely not as easy as it sounds. A few months in I noticed it was getting harder and harder to keep the photo's coming and interesting. I had to hunt out a good photo and try and come up with different angles and lighting to help keep things creative. But here it is, my entire life for one year, in little tiny photo's. wow. As silly as this may sound. I think this is one of my proudest moments. I stuck it out, I struggled through it, but I did it and I couldn't have been more glad I did. 

Without my knowledge in this one single year of my entire life so far, I improved my photography skills, got asked by my best friend to marry him, saw two dear friends have the most beautiful babies, travelled on a number of small trips, got my Finnish citizenship, won and award and bought a house. 

I plan to make a print out of this entire year and frame it. It's been one of the best years to date, and I am so glad I didn't miss a moment of it. Thank you to all my beloved friends, family and followers who checked in on a regular basis to follow in this adventure. On to the next project ...


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