Dear Puffy Pancake


Dear puffy oh-so-delicious berry  pancakes, you don't even know it but you just made my day. I love me my pancakes and i'm not sure if that is because I used to devour the homemade Finnish crepes (as my Canadian friends called it) as a kid, but I love me these eats something crazy. With it being the kick-off to lent it's been a pancake fest around here here parts. A fantastic afternoon break with friends cooking, mouth watering, laughing, eating... oh ya, and more eating. omg. stuffed.   An excellent time. But now do i give up pancakes for lent? Pff.  I think not. 
ps. fresh lemonade or gingerale makes a wonderful paring with these!
pps. Check out the new ipod update in the player and enjoy!


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