How to make someone happy.


How to make someone happy. Choose any one of the follow items above for guaranteed smile on Valentines day. For as much as some people like to moan and complain that this day is just for girls or is all about consumer greed, I propose thinking of it as a day to remind myself to appreciate others. It's not about the gifts or anything to do with money, it about doing something nice for someone else. It's generous acts of kindness that on a day-to-day basis we forget because we are all overly busy. Let it be a day to put yourself and your actions in check. Any of the ideas listed above are more thought than the price tag. Make someone breakfast in bed before they get up, take the time to paint or design a homemade postcard for a friend. Create hearts out of felt and put in a fun coupon or fortune for kids, or dip cherries in chocolate and enjoy them with a friend. For the extra adventurous reader,  mix and match all the items you see. Or even just do a random act of kindness for someone in need. Voila! Watch smiles grow and make your guts feel good on the inside. 



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