May 18 2013


a little over two weeks ago now i became someone's wife. it was by far the best day yet. it's a remarkable feeling when you look around a room and realize that everyone you care most about is standing there cheering you on. people you'll never see together in a room again probably for the rest of your life. weddings are such a crazy whirlwind of emotions but i'm so very thankful for all the memories. it was an absolutely perfect day beginning to end. does anyone think it is wrong to wear your dress around the house every now and then? ... I think not. the day after the wedding (with absolutely no voice) we packed up and shipped off to the South of France, full of bright colours, amazing food and warm sun. We spent four blissful days there and then from there drove our little rental audi and to Monaco for some glam and more sun. We fancied it up and enjoy the grand Grand Prix before driving the coast over to Tuscany.  After this whirlwind honeymoon we are back into the swing of things, and i'm proud (yes proud) to say i have taken over 1300 photos on my new Sony NEX cam. Now trying to catch up on work and sleep, my next task is photo editing... so I can share a few snippets from our adventures. 
       I should also point out that I do hope to do a slight over hall on the design of the blog in the coming months. I'm working on some new writing outlines, creative goals, long-term plans and promise to share them as soon as they are better defined, so stay posted. 
xoxox from the now Mrs.


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