A Breakfast Nook


A lot of people have been asking to see updates on the new house and all the renovations. While I have ton of photography to sort through still, I thought I would start with one of my favourite spots. The house we bought was built int he 70's and while that isn't old enough for ultra cool vintage style architecture, it does have extremely unique elements of it's own. In the galley style kitchen there is a cute small window seat. The second I saw this unused space, I knew it was meant to become a lush, comfy breakfast nook. Perfect for early morning tea, newspaper reading and looking over the yard/huge tree covered space/ravine outside (it is quite the yard). I am obsessed with window seats. In fact, I think I love this house so very much mostly for this little area.  Next, bring on the paint! We decided to brighten up the room but adding a warm buttery tone. It is actually call Dijon ... perfect for a kitchen right?! (it's also my favourite mustard, so big bonus). The fitted red cushion adds a bit of a contrasting colour and some extra comfort for the "bottom". We may decide to change the red to a different shade later, but for now it fits well The seafoam  table is an old Cragislist find from my downtown apartment, that works perfectly in this small eat in space. The frosted glass top on the table also helps to reflect the overhead light into the nook area making it feel bright and more cozy. An effective design is one that should speak to as many senses as possible. Look to blend different textures, two or more colours and varying sizes. After a few days of working on this little space, it was now time to relax and enjoy it. I put on a fire in the newly cleaned fireplace (which I can also see from the kitchen nook - heavenly) and poured out some dark hot chocolate. 


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