Rosemary Croutons


Do you eat the "butt" of your bread? If you aren't a fan and feel too much guilt about throwing it in the trash can, then why not use it to make some tasty croutons for your next salad. This recipe also works well for any left over fresh bread or bread slices that are too stiff to keep enjoying. 
The How To: First, take the "butt" of your bread and see how it feels. If it isn't stiff or almost hard, leave it to rest overnight on a paper towel. Once your bread is stiff to the touch (the outsides tend to be harder than the centre) it is ready. Next get out one clove of garlic, remove the skin, chop in half and then rub it all over that bread allowing it to suck up the garlic flavour! Once you are done, take the bread and chop it up into even sized cubes.  Then get out some unsalted butter and place 1 tbsp of into a warm pan. Let the butter melt completely and then throw those cubes of bread in,  moving them around in the butter. Next spread them evenly across the pan, so they aren't over lapping each other, to allow them to cook evenly. Watch them closely. When they start to brown, flip them over and continue this process trying to allow each side to lightly brown. Once that is done, remove them from the heat and place them on a plate. Take a small handful of dried rosemary, crush it in your hand and sprinkle it over your dish. Toss the croutons around gently to allow the rosemary to really stick. Finally, let your plate of croutons cool overnight (to avoid moisture build-up) and seal in an airtight container until use! Enjoy!


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