One step back, two steps forward


Sometimes we all need a little bit of a break. Lately the Mr. and I have been head deep in pushing through planning for the upcoming wedding in order to stay on top of things. It has also been hectic for us with work projects, holiday plans and checking off home projects. At times it can all get a little stressful and very overwhelming, so this past weekend we decided to try and take a step back. On Friday night we did something we haven't done in a long time we went to a movie (it's been a very long while). We decided to plan a James Bond movie date night, complete with our favourite Vietnamese dish "Pho" (if you ever have a cold, this is the dish for you!). Then Saturday was an early morning meet up with the bridal party ladies. The ladies and I met up over some much needed coffee and set out for a day of bridesmaid dress hunting. The fireplace at the new house finally got a good check and clean, and is now in top working order, so it was home to test out a night by the fire with a good magazine. It's just starting to get cold and the snow is seriously thinking about making a comeback (which I love), so the weekend was ended with a tasty, made from scratch, macaroni pasta and shrimp dinner! Life is all about the little things, and sometimes recognizing you need to take a step back can actually allow you move two steps forward.


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