A New Home!


So, it is official, I have moved! I apologize for the absence of posts lately, but most of that has been due to the overly hectic schedule of packing up my old place, major reno's and unpacking at the new place – and a mix of traveling with my job. I feel like I've been living out of boxes and bags for weeks now! However, for the most part, it is finally starting to feel like home! If you asked me if I feel settled, I would still have to say no, but slowly and surely the boxes are getting unpacked one by one and the trinkets are finding their homes. Keeping in mind that I moved from a very, very small downtown apartment to a beautiful big home in the burbs, much of the house is empty due to an overwhelming lack of furniture!

So, with a new home, next will come all the vintage furniture hunting. October is the perfect month to do just this! Slowly strolling through the local flea markets on the weekends downtown or uptown garage sales. Some of the best finds can be found with just a little digging and fall latte in hand. I am so looking forward to locating a few treasured retro pieces that with a little elbow grease and perhaps some spray paint can be transformed into modern conversation pieces for our home.


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