For the Love of Colour


Picking out paint colours for your brand spanking new home is hard ... nobody tells you that.

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Recently, I've been lost in a multitude of ombr̩ colour options, trying to decide between: clean whites, lemon yellows, bright teal, cozy grey, sailor navy, eggplant Рthe list goes on and on. You ask yourself, do you want to feel cold, or do you want to feel cozy? Calm and tranquil, or revved up and ready to party? Lately my desk has become a hot mess of pencil crayon colours, paint chips and penciled out sketches. As someone who lives for design and design projects, as excited as I am for this fresh space, it can sometimes all get a little overwhelming when it comes to making decisions. But, keeping that in mind you can't fail if you don't try. So why not have fun with colour choices Рit is only paint, and your spaces should speak to your personality. Design rooms you will love coming home to see and don't worry about the rest. Select colours and accent pieces you really love and trust in those decisions. Even if you think they might not work well together, more often than not (regardless of what people may say) they do once everything is in place. Worse case scenario, if you really don't like the design, paint over it! In just a few weeks we get access into our new home (the countdown is on and the project lists are growing!). So, it is time to live a little, and by george, be excited about colour. I will share how it all turns out, once the paint cans are purchased and the brushes have smacked against the walls.

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