Recycled & Restyled


With a bunch of summer birthday's, upcoming weddings and friends having babies, I'm constantly gift wrapping lots of little goodies, but lately I've decided to make more of a conscious effort to upcycle instead of buying wrapping paper, and cut back on my environmental waste. My always clever thinking boyfriend fiance (ever since I have known him) has more often than not wrapped my gifts with old newspapers, picking the fun sections that he knows I like. This idea here using magazines, is not so different from that. 
Start by selecting a few publications that you no longer need, then tear out a number of pages and trim the edges. Often times, I tend to select pages that relate to the gift I am giving. Depending on the size of your item, tape together the appropriate number of tear pages that will give enough coverage. In the gift you see here, I needed four pages to wrap a set of six steak knives. Since some magazine paper is thinner than others, I suggest using a little tissue paper or kleenex around your item as padding to help avoid any tearing of thin paper when wrapping. Add a homemade bow, or colourful card and you're done! Get inspired and also try using old poems, maps, CD covers or posters. Take brown paper bags and stamp/paint on a metallic pattern, or wrap it with colourful tape. Try making bows, puffs, or other decorative pieces out of recycled items to add on the top of your gifts. There are so many options and none of these will hurt your wallet. For other ideas, check out Furokshiki or Wrap It Up: Holiday gift giving


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