7 Thrify Steps


Take a moment to assess your neighbourhoods and the stores you are interested 
in. More often than not, thrift stores collect from their community members, so learn 
about  the cultures that reside in those areas, and/or the style of products that those 
stores seem to carry on a regular basis. So, if you are looking for a specific item, this will 
help to narrow down your list of stores.
Good thrift shopping takes time. If you are looking for a quick trip or a specific item, 
then this line of shopping isn't for you. Make sure you have time on your side. Plan 
an afternoon, go with some friends, pack a snack and pick up a coffee or tea. If you 
take the time to do the proper digging, you will not be disappointed. Also keep in mind 
that if you don't love it, don't buy it! Chances are there will be more interesting items
 to come!
Make sure you know what it is you need. Shopping is never a good idea with out a list. Keep
 in mind what you are looking for and when you see something you like try to envision 
it (all cleaned up) in your home or space.
Sometimes we see things that we don't even realize could be stunning after a little 
tender loving care. When thrift shopping, try and see past the chips, scratches or mix-matched colours. Keep an open mind and envision what you think it could look like. 
Focus on what makes it is that makes it an interesting piece.  Ask yourself, if this was all one 
colour what would I notice first? Often times what you find in a thrift store needs a
 little personalization once you bring it home, but it is in doing so that you really create the statement pieces that you'll come to love the most.
 This might just be the most important golden rule - know the schedule. Keep a notepad and 
pen with you when you start figuring out the stores you like to shop in.  By asking the 
staff, make a note of  when they typically bring out new product (most times it is 
during the week on a Tuesday or Thursday), and if/when they have sales or special 
events. This will help you to source out the best products before they get picked over.
When you start spending enough time digging through stores, you can sometimes get 
lucky and come across some very chic brands. Pay attention to the labels because 
not only may it be something that you find you love, it may also be worth something.
The real trick to good thrift store finding is to go often. The items you see will change 
hands frequently, so it is best to go hunting on a regular basis keeping in mind what 
the items are that you need or want.   
Happy hunting!


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