Setting 2015 Intentions!


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Happy 2015 Everyone!!!!!

it felt like the other day when i took a moment to catch my breath with where i see this blog going and all of a sudden over month had past! gal! sorry for all the radio silence everyone! but i'm back, baby i'm back, and looking forward to the year ahead. with a fresh new year comes some fresh new resolutions/intentions. as many of you know i'm a list maker. i function best with a list of tasks i can look at and cross off with a pen and paper, but this year i'm positing my list here, so here we go...

1. // set clear weekly intentions and write them down and post them up where you can see them. they might be fitness related, mind flexing related, family related, who knows, the point is make them, stick with them, learn from them. 

2. // stop apologizing all the time. it's truly like a bad habit and it's going to be an even harder one to personally break, but it has to be done. life is what it is, and sometimes i need to stick my ground and accept that i'm actually not sorry all the time. 

3. // be mindful more. my naturopath has helped me develop a good foundation for a mindful practice, and i would like to be better at making it a daily habit and appreciating its benefits.

4. // practice having a clearer voice. i've sometimes been called a follower (i know, i know), and not so much a leader and i think it's ok to be a leader. voicing when i don't agree with others when they ask, challenging the norms, and rounding out my own opinions without making myself feel bad for it.

5. // work on my food and my photography. two things i really cherish wish i could spend more time doing. so that just makes it's time to make that happen! watch out for better tumblr updates and more recipes coming at ya!

6. // become a yogi.

7. //focus on surrounding myself with positive, uplifting like-minded people and work at nourishing those cherished friendships.

8. // ... and finally, believe more in hope and miracles, and have the courage to go head forward down the flow of life no matter how scary it might seem.


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