The Crazy Craze That Is Kombucha


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correctly pronounced KOM-BOO-CHA, this fizzy tea has been around for centuries, originating in Asia. widely know in ancient times for it's healing properties, it's an old remedy that is making it's way into modern living as the hot new craze with shops like Pekoe Kombucha Bar  or the Alchemy Pickle Company (who also sells some other amazing fermented goodies) popping up. kombucha can be found in many health food stores now (like Whole Foods) and in a variety of flavours! my favourite currently is from Alchemy Pickle Company called the Green Tea Grape! revered for the fermentation process which activates the healthy bacteria called "SCOBY", this tea packs one heck of a healthy probiotic punch that really does wonders for your body. because sometimes our lifestyle and food choices aren't perfect, many of us don't have enough healthy bacteria in our guts, so the addition of a probiotic through a yogurt or something like Kombucha, takes us one step closer to getting our bodies back on the healthy track. in saying this, i should mentioned that if you know you have a weakened immune system, are pregnant/breastfeeding, or have an illness, you should check with your doctor or naturopath before drinking any kombucha, to be safe.

there are a ton of reasons why kombucha is good for you, but here are a few highlights: 
  • the bacteria/probiotics help strengthen your immune system 
  • aids in healthy digestive function
  • loaded with good vitamins and enzymes
  • overall energy booster
  • helps to detox the body and
  • it also is suppose to help relive PMS (i can't wait to see if it does!).
so, when i do drink this and how much? for me, my morning routine consists of getting up, having a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice to help balance the Ph level in my body, followed by a 4 ounce glass of Kombucha before i hit the gym. this makes me feel like i've set-up my body for success for the entire day! 


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