Shock Grandma & Make Mom Proud Vegan Mac & Cheese


i highly suggest you get your bookmark button ready or get up right now and grab a pen and paper.  

thanks to the creative minds behind The Minimalist Baker, this is likely the best healthy Mac & Cheese you can whip up on a weeknight or weekend. it is literally mouthwatering and believe it or not, it's made with eggplant. i swear if you have kids they might not even be able to tell! with my recent change to a healthier lifestyle i've been on the hunt for clever meals and comfort foods that have been, or easily can be adapted into much healthier options. this search lead me to the the fine folks behind The Minimalist Baker and their unreal, oh so good Vegan Mac & Cheese with Caramelized Onions

I made it ... I ate it ... I craved for seriously more bowls, it was that dang good. 

I highly suggest you check out the full recipes here with glorious pictures to boot.

Health Hint! for the next little while i am going gluten free, dairy and egg, so because of that i substituted the recipes bread crumbs for almond flour and used quinoa pasta (or you can also use rice pasta) rather than whole wheat. easy, fast and simple! 


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