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images are from here, here, here. owners portraits from here, by Jamie Morren.  products shown are –  "Wealth of a Man" Black Soap Bar, Clear Skin Cleanswer & Moisturizer, Rehab Roller Under Eye Treatment, Skull Lip Balm. 

i initially wasn't going to post yet another gift guide for the upcoming father's day, since the whole world seems to be doing it already, but what i am going to do is promote a kick-a** company, selling some kick-a** products for men ... oh and did i mention they are Canadian? yup. because they are, eh.  Rebels Refinery is a company created by three best buds born out of an interest on how to take better care of themselves and their skin. men and women alike can appreciate the horror of waking up to a new laugh line. but what these boys couldn't find was a manly line of natural skin care products that actually appealed to ... men. something our guys could leave out on the counters and not feel ashamed of when their pals came over. something for men, by men. makes sense to us ladies! so hence came some serious research, creative design, exceptionally creative low-budget online marketing and voila - Rebels Refinery is born. as they state "most of our products are 97% natural/ 90% organic and pure gold." and for those who love the show, they also appeared in an episode of Dragon's Den!  

these guys have created decently priced products for any man, that smell great and look good. so much so that even the ladies will love it. simple genius. you can shop in store, or shop online, just visit

oh. and did we mention that they give just over 2% of sales to Prostate Cancer Canada? these guys are just dang awesome.
so, let's hear it for the boys. 

                                  you can follow them on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram too.


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