Picnic Party


right now it is perfect picnic weather in the city. toronto has finally gotten a bit of a break from the melting heatwave making it actually enjoyable to frolic outside. this now makes me giddy for a picnic. the idea of dining alfresco with close friends, or my handsome better half, kicking off our shoes, eating brunch foods - which should always include glorious cheeses – while sitting under a tree sipping a minosa, is. the. best. i highly recommend making some picnic plans before the fall arrives. if you don't already have picnic fever, then here are a list of essentials to help you pull together the perfect picnic party. luckily you really don't need much and some of this you might already have. but,  if you want to do it in style, then here are a few pieces to get you feeling inspired.

1. Vintage Wicker Basket - Local Value Village
4. Lighthouse Carafe, Drake General Store
5. Paper Straws, Urban Outfitters
7. Crosley Songbird Radio Speaker, Urban Outfitters
8. Colour Block Picnic Utensils, Anthropologie


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