Infused Water


after the honeymoon my body needed a serious detox from the overload of italian pizza, pasta & wine. for the past two months i've been seriously focused on clean eating as well as eating locally. along with that i've decided to ensure that i'm drinking more water on a daily basis, in an effort to kept my body well hydrated and clean out the organs on a more regular basis. i've never been a huge water drinker. i can easily down about 3 glasses in a day, and then i'm typically done. after those 3 glasses the water starts to taste yucky and creates a strange taste in my mouth, don't ask me why.  so to try and get past this i've created combinations for infused water. in my daily routine in the morning i'll fill a small ziplock that I keep in my purse, with a few ingredients from my fridge or garden to create natural infused water. when i get to work i'll dump those ingredients into a glass, muddle/mash them around, fill with water and ice, shoot in a straw and carry that around with me all day. this routine has changed my life. I'm easily now downing 8-9 glasses of water a day and the infused water is filled with tons of natural flavours and nutrients. here are three combinations that are my absolute favourite by far
1. organic honey & rosemary
2. strawberry & basil
3. lemon & ginger
**a few other ideas would be, watermelon & mint, blueberry & lime, cucumber & apple!


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