L-Eat Express


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this past friday my dear friend came into the big city for what we like to call a little "pick me up" day – something everyone should plan a few times a year, at least. we met up mid-afternoon post a fabulous hair appointment for a light vegan lunch and then some David's Tea smelling and vintage clothing shopping.  it. was. bliss.  i adore spending afternoons with her,  catching up on our hectic lives, jobs, family and especially post wedding event gossip. later that afternoon we decided we wanted a place just to sit, put our feet up and have a cold coffee/tea. while in the area of Spadina and Adelaide we happened across a place call L-Eat Express. L-Eat Express is part of the L-Eat Group, which is made up of of L-eat Catering, Paese Ristorante and L-eat Express. Having found this place, I highly recommend it if you want something low key and not pretentious (sometimes hard to find downtown I must admit). i will definitely be going  back to when i'm next in that neck of the woods. for anyone who loves a quiet cafe setting, large rustic country kitchen tables, shiny modern accent decor and freshly made food & drinks (also gluten-free friendly) then this is a place to check out. there was vast selection of warm/cold coffees, other specialty drinks and loose leaf tea selections. additionally they offer well-made sandwiches, lunch specials, fresh salads and even a well-stocked bar and bar fridge should you need a light afternoon "beverage" to cool you down, or start off a long weekend celebration. much to my surprise this express cafe was also stocked ceiling to floor with mason jars of homemade pasta sauce, fridges stocked fresh jams – with flavours like vanilla & peach – grab and go fresh cookie doughs, and even bourbon maple syrup, all for sale. it was a clean eaters cafe dream, let me just tell you. i have to think if the express was this good, i can only image using their catering division for future events. some food for thought perhaps.

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