A swift kick in the . . .


life is hard, let's be honest. but home reno's they will make or break ya.
sometimes, i wonder what we got ourselves into with this house. all the work, the endless project lists, the way past my bedtime weeknights of work. we are exhausted on even the best day. the second we make progress in one area, i feel like we are two steps back as we breeze by the next room. it's overwhelming, but is it worth it? 100%. this is our first home and come hell or high water, we are making it our own. i have to remind myself of how much we HAVE done and how far we HAVE come. making long lists and posting them so you can see what you've crossed off helps with that. we are by no means professionals, but we are doing one heck of a job all on our own. it may take us longer than most, and i sometimes need to be reminded that "Rome wasn't built in a day" (yes, i like sayings), but we are getting there.  i'm so, so very proud of us even when we're at our worst.  this morning after I finally made it to work (grumble, grumble subway issues) after a late night of  fixing, patching,  priming and painting, and an honest but brief argument this morning with my husband, i landed at my office desk, ripped up my morning yogi tea bag, looked at the note and took a long breath. it's was true. Yogi tea is always true in fact. "the rhythm of life is when you experience your own body, mind and soul." sometimes, in those moments when you think you are at your weakest you just need a little graceful reminder to listen to your guts – to step back and look at the bigger picture. and sometimes, being honest here, those reminders can be a bit more blunt (not cute and on the side of a tea bag). sure these days we fall into bed, bruised, sometimes bleeding, feet and back and hips and shoulders so sore we could barely walk, and then like crazy people start over again, but look at what we have to show for it. I am also proud to say that my husband is the hardest working person that I know. so very proud. with my blistered hands and still sore feet I'm looking at this Yogi note realizing that that is exactly what i am experiencing by taking on our whole home reno project. We are dumping putting our bodies, minds and souls into this place and by doing that we are making a home, and hopefully above all else, a memorable life. 

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