Our Engagement Party


At the end of June we celebrated our engagement with a party. It was a great chance for both sides of our families to mix and mingle in a fun and semi-formal way! There was lots of bright colours, handmade pasta, balloons, red velvet cake and DIY decorations. The day was filled with overwhelming generosity and love. We are both so very blessed to have such lovely people in our lives. We now cannot wait to decorate and use some of the fantastic items we received in our new home! Now with the party being over we are even more eager for the upcoming partying that will take place at our wedding. To everyone who made that day so memorable – a HUGE thank you. To go along with this post listen and enjoy the new playlist in the player! Ps. I decided to post this on our very last anniversary as a "dating" couple, before the adventure begins. Happy 9 years to you babe! I could never have found anyone better than you.


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