DiY : Paper Flowers


Since our engagement party I have had a lot of people ask me how we created the red paper flowers that we used as centerpieces. Well, here is the step-by-step process how we did just that. About a week before the party my middle sister and I stayed in, put on some cheesy tv, comfy clothes and hunkered down to make these pretty paper flowers. Once we got into the groove of creating them, we started to produce them rather quickly, as you will see if you try this DIY project.
1. Start by collecting your supplies - you will need, scissors, tissue paper and pipe cleaners/wire. 2. Gather about 10 sheets of tissue paper (play around with mixing different colour shades for flowers with more dimension as well), stack them, then fold it all and cut it in half.  3. Take one half of your cut stack and begin to fold it like an accordion. 4. Be sure to cut off any extra that doesn't line-up.  5. Next fold your accordion in half. 6. Take your pipe cleaner/wire and tie it around the middle of our folded accordion, making sure to leave extra pipe cleaner/wire to create the look of the stem. 7. Then grab the ends of your accordion and trim until you have achieved the desired shape of your flower petals (rounded corners works best it from my experience). 8. Spread the accordion folds between your fingers and very slowly (and gently) pull out each piece of tissue paper towards you. 9. Slowly pulling each sheet until you begin to create the shape of a flower, being careful not to pull too hard and rip the delicate paper. 10. Finally work away at "puffing" out the flower until you have it exactly how you want it to look, then place on display. Heck, you could even try misting them with perfume to give them a soft sent.  If anyone tries this, please share a comment of your success or new ideas!


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