The Dirty Dozen


It's farmer's market time in the city and typically for me that means not buying produce from my regular grocer for the next few months. I love this time of year for all the shopping in the sun, chatting with local farmers and enjoying real fresh off the farm flavours. There are so many benefits to eating local and organic foods plucked straight from the farm. Fresh items that you know weren't sitting in boxes for days, shipped across the globe, man handled once again, and where you know that no real harsh pesticides and chemical fertilizers were used. It's getting back to basics. So, what is the best to buy at these pop up markets? 
Use this handy illustration guide, created by designer Heidi Kenny of My Paper Crane, to help you. The sad looking foods are referred to as "the dirty dozen", which means they are the fruits and vegetables most likely to hold residue from pesticides (if used), so try and always buy these at the organic market where they focus on no chemicals during the growing season. The happy looking ones are the low pesticide foods that you can worry less about buying from your local grocer. Ever also wonder what time of year you should be buying certain fruits? 
Well, worry no more. This very modern style calendar by Chasing Delicious, was designed to help with that. It also belongs as part of a print series including seasonable vegetables and herbs. Not only useful for food planning, but what a stunning print to purchase, frame and hang in a kitchen as art.


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