D i Y : Wrap & Wear Bracelets


For hot summer weather, I love the look of woven or wrapped accessories. Especially if those items are made from raw materials like hemp or straw, it just gives a a very nautical inspired feel. Whether it is handbags or jewelery, these are often easy and very inexpensive looks that can be created at home in little time. Layering one or two of these wrapped pieces in combination with a well placed brass or beaded bracelet is a great look for summer. Here is a quick DIY project for anyone looking to create their own colourful wrapped accessories to add to any boat and beach wardrobe. Supplies You Will Need: Colourful hemp, leather or even yarn, hot glue gun and old bracelets to be upcycled
Start by gathering all your supplies and find a clean work surface that is ok to get a little sticky. Next plug in your hot glue gun. While it heats up, cut different lengths of colourful hemp, leather or yarn, depending the look you want. If you are making more than one, try and create some variety in your designs to make them more visually interesting when you wear them. Next, working slowly across the bracelet add a small amount of hot glue then work quickly to wrap a few very tight strands of your material. Be sure to work with only a little glue at a time and press firmly with the material. Continue wrapping until you achieve your desired look. For the ends of a strand coat both sides of your material with the glue and connect one end strand to the start of another new strand to ensure that neither will come loose while wearing. Once all your accessories are done, let them dry well and then wear.


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