D i Y: Summer fresh buds


Now that summer has basically arrived (hello mr. heat), it is time to add a little more vibrant colour to our living our spaces. I recently took an old 25 cent bud vase from a second hand shop and added some new razzle dazzle to it. I love the result. It is much more colourful and an item that can be used to house flowers on a table, make-up brushes in a bathroom or pens at the office.
What You Will Need: A glass vase of any size (personally I like to collect lots of little bud to have around the house), acrylic paints, masking tape, ice cube tray,  two paint brushes, small amount of mod podge.
The Process: Start by cleaning your glass vase so it is nice and fresh and rid of dust. Next decide on the pattern you want to paint and mark it off with tape. If you are doing lines, be sure to try and get them as evenly spaced as possible. You can also try cutting out dots, or various shapes on paper and then tape the paper to the vase much like a stencil. Next decide on your colour choice, or try mixing various colours and shades. I like using ice cube trays when pouring and mixing paints. It keeps the colours seperate from mixing and are very easy to clean afterwards. Once you have your colour being to paint and be sure to put a nice thick layer. While the paint is still wet pull off the tape slowly to ensure nice clean lines. Then set aside and let the vase dry (I recommend leaving it over night). Once it is fully dry take a little mod podge and apply a thin coat over the painted area by hand to give it a  final seal.  Then just add your items or flowers like these homemade craspedia.


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