DiY: What's old is new again


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Many times we look in our make-up drawers and find that we have, over the years, neglected various items. Perhaps they got forgotten as our favourite new products make their way into our homes; or perhaps a certain item was something we may have not totally loved but received as a gift. Regardless of what the case maybe here is an extremely simple and savvy way to upcycle old eye shadows into new nail polishes. Or, for those that may not have older products sitting around hidden in drawers, here is a great opportunity to create your own custom nail polish colour palette.

Here is what you will need:
    - Clear nail polish
    - Eye shadow
    - Small container
    - Stir stick
    - Nail polish remover


Just following this simple three step process:

  1.  Star by pouring some of the clear polish into a small container.
  2.  If your eye shadow isn't the loose kind, crush it first. Then scoop out and add small 

       amounts of eye shadow into the polish.
  3.  Continue gradually adding small amounts of eye shadow to the mixure while frequently  

       stirring (keep in mind that for a more opaque finish you will need to continue adding      
       more colour) and once you have your desired shade, voila, polish away!

To get even more creative, try making your own colour, by mixing eye shadows. If at anytime the polish gets too thick, add a small amount of remover to thin it out. Save the polish in a small glass container in a cool dry place for future use.


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