DiY : Chalk it up weekend


There are so many different creative uses for that ever popular chalkboard paint! Since today is Friday, here is a simple weekend DIY project that will help you organize your kitchen and add a little personal touch to your space.

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Just follow the steps outlined below for a quick how to tutorial. 
To make this project even simpler, find a craft store near you that sells either chalkboard stickers or wallpaper, and cut out your desired lid size from that. 

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Hope this adds a little fun to your upcoming weekend plans! Happy Friday everyone! xoxo


Mr. Christopher said...

Very cool idea! I didn't even know there was such a thing as chalkboard paint?

Oomph said...

@Chris, ya! It's easy to find at any paint or craft store!

Oomph said...

You can even get sample size cans for small projects

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