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Wein Krisztina, an IKEA Hacker from Budapest recently came up with clever idea. 
She yanked a wooden drawer from and IKEA dresser and turned it into a chic portable storage area for her dining table. What an excellent re-purpose project to create a little extra space for linens and other dinner related items – especially in a home with a lack of storage. Not only this is applicable to dining room tables, but for really any table top with open space underneath.

Photo credit: Wein Krisztina via IKEA Hacker
Old chest of drawers • piece of 2x3 wooden slat • wood glue  • screw • saw  • screwdriver • drill

Measure the thickness of the table where the drawer will go beneath and that will determine the length of the drawer handle. Then make a 45 degree cuts into two pieces of wood, then attach them together on the angle with wood glue. 

Photo credit: Wein Krisztina via IKEA Hacker

Then line up the handle not he drawer as you want it to appear and screw this piece vertically onto the side to let it hang down from your desktop. If you're interested in a more uniform look, use an unfinished drawer and wood slats, then stain everything to match.

For more detailed information and to view Wein Krisztina post of Ikea Hackers click HERE.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to show this to my grandfather who is a carpenter. He would be so impressed! I can just hear him in a thick German accent...I should have thought of this! LOL!

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