Getting Hitched!


At the start of my Christmas holidays, my very best friend and love of my entire life asked me to marry him. Being the silly dork that I am, I did try and capture a few special moments via my phone camera. 

Yes, my face did look that stupid. best. moment. ever.

Just over eight years ago now we met on tractors while working at a summer landscaping job for a local private golf course. We met, we chatted, we raced, we laughed, there also may have been a food fight, and then we agreed to go out for a competitive round of mini golf on our very first date. The rest, I guess they say, is history. 
Shortly after we started dating, I totally fell in love this adorable boy. 

He is, and always will be the smartest, kindest, most caring person I have ever met. 
He is also secretly hilarious.
He comes with a little pet turtle (Mr. T) who I am also excited to welcome into our little family.

We are both pretty excited to be planning our wedding and look forward to sharing this time with our close family and friends. I promise to share some of the creative event ideas and DIY decor projects, as well as planning tips through Oomph as we move forward.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us very sweet congratulations messages! 
We are beyond thankful and left without words.... this is my dream come true. xoxo.


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