Home Style: Jewellery storage


This weekend I am seriously purging! I don't know if it is that I am slowly getting ready for winter, or that I finally have some much needed down time, but either way, it's time to pack up the old and donate it to the needy. While I plan to be knee deep in donation bags today, it also becomes a good time to reorganize.

Now, I LOVE jewellery. I love accessories, bags, hats and I mostly love my little hidden space that stores all these objects.

(Check out the photos to your left of my little dressing room! My amazing boyfriend even made shelves for all my shoes ... what a guy!)

Now, while our collections continue to expand over the years, I find, as I'm sure are you, that I am looking for new and interesting ways to store and showcase my gems.

In my searches, I have found a few DIY suggestions to try:

1. Vintage Tea-cups - These are easy to find at any second hand shop, or even in the back of any cupboard. You can do mix-matched or a monochromatic, depending on your finds. Line your draw with the cups, or place them on an old platter. Also, be sure to use both the tea-cups and the saucers for maximum storage options.

2. Cookie Cooling Racks - These are also easy to find at any second hand shop. Place two nails in your wall at each corner of the rack at your desired height. Or use a picture hanging kit, to attached a wire and hook. The gridlike shape will allow you to easily hang a ton of earrings.

3. Covered Cork Board - Purchase or reuse an old cork board and cover it with a new fabric. Select your desired, pull it tight across the board and then staple or hot glue the overage onto the back Use regular tacks and as many as you need.

4. The Grater - This option is great for on top of a dresser or in side of a cabinet, as a small storage option for a few earrings. Find an old or unused grater and spray paint it in an interesting colour. You can also add interest legs to it, to raise it up if you so desire.


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