DiY : Thumbtack crazy


With the holidays quickly approaching I know most of us are trying to save a few extra dollars for gift shopping. That said, between now and Christmas is, of course, a busy time for holiday parties, baking fests and spending time decorating our homes. With all that in mind, here is a fun and easy DIY project, that I have come across on a few different websites, which is SUPER cheap and applicable for not only this time, but anytime of the year!

Supplies you will need:
  - Styrofoam shape or object
  - Thumbtacks
  - Ribbon (for hanging wreaths)
  - Glue (optional)
  - Spray paint (optional)
  - Mode Podge & brush

Photo Credit: Landee See Landee Do & Madigan Made
Such an easy project, all you really have to do is take your styrofoam/object and start to arrange your thumbtacks on it. To help cover any open spaces you may want to start from one area and go up or down in a row like pattern. This will then create and overlapping affect and help hide any small exposed areas. Some may wish to put glue down on the object first before applying the thumbtacks, however, if you want to reuse the object for a later project, then you may wish to bypass the glue. Also, if you were looking for a specific colour but couldn't find it, then you also have the option to spray paint your final product in the colour of your choice.  Last, but not least, I would highly recommend a coating of Mode Podge (easy to find at any craft store or even Walmart) to give a nice shiny coat and little extra protection to your project – this last step is also of course optional. Such a simple idea, with such a big bang for your buck! Enjoy!


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