Trick - or - Treat : Costume guide


For me, nothing is better than the anticipation and excitement of dressing up for Halloween. Perhaps it comes from my deeply rooted love of theatre and all things dramatic, or the idea of creating something out of nothing. Regardless of your age, it's the perfect time to design something festive and build it up from odds and ends that are either found in the house or  second hand shops around the city. Grab a pumpkin spiced latte and construct!

Here are six costume ideas to get you feeling inspired for this upcoming Halloween.

                           1. Madame butterfly                   2. The 8-bit you
                           3. Retro pin-up                           4. Roy Lichtenstein comic book character
                           5. The paper bag princess         6. Polaroid picture

Easy application costumes alternatives.

If your schedule is too busy between now and Oct. 31st, there are a variety of other ways to get festive. Make-up is a great alternative allowing you to make a drastic change in your appearance. 

Play around with dramatic colours, metallics, extreme false eye lashes and/or feathers. Add a blend of shapes and textures to your design. When done, draw extra attention to your make-up by adding a wig, or dressing in all black, for a more dramatic effect.

Easy to create costume accessories.

Even if you plan to stay at home and hand out candy to little trick-or-treaters, get festive with one of these costume accessories. Here are simple instructions to make your own mini top hat for Halloween.

Cardboard (cereal box, tissue box or shoe box works well) 
Fabric or paper to cover your hat
Hot glue/glue gun, spray adhesive or matte modge podge 
Trim, feathers or additional decorations 
Simple hair band (ideally in a colour that blends with your hair) 

Creation of the mini hat:
Design a pattern out of cardboard in the size and shape that you want. Your pattern should include the brim of the hat, the main body of the hat and the top circular cover. Cut out your cardboard pieces. Score lines around the base of the main body piece, and on the brim piece where the two items will intersect. Fold up the scored pieces on both items to ensure that they will properly intersect with each other. Mold your pieces into their desired shape. With hot glue connect all three cardboard pieces together to form your hat. Using spray adhesive, take your fabric or decorative paper and cover the hat, then let dry. You may wish to coat the entire hat with a matte modge podge at this point to seal all the edges. Once it has dried completely, add your decorations. Finally, once you have your mini top hat how you want it, hot glue it to your hair band.


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