An Apple a Day: 12 different ideas


October has always been a little hectic month for myself, as well, I'm sure for many of you. However, one of the season's best activities has always been apple picking. While the ideal time to pick is end of August to late September, there are tons of local orchards where you can go and pick from a selection of tasty delights late into the season. Apple varieties can range from: McIntosh, Ginger Gold, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Cortland, Honeycrisp (my personal favourite) and many more.

Here are 12 mouth watering recipes that use your fresh or leftover Thanksgiving apples.

Read images top left and across to match with numbers below.
                      1.  Squash & Apple Soup                         7.  Apple Butter 
                      2.  Molten Caramel-Apple Cakes             8.  Cinnamon Apple Pork Chops        
                      3.  Applesauce                                         9.   Apple, Brie & Arugula   
                      4.  Apple Quinoa Cake                            10.  Apple Syrup
                      5.  Mini Apple Tarts                                 11.  Baked Apple with Granola    
                      6.  Brie & Apple Appetizer                       12. Apple Cider


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