Rochester, New York


This past weekend, my work travels sent me to Rochester for a conference. Having never been there before, I decided to look up a few "quick facts" about the city. Rochester is a city in Monroe County, New York, just south of Lake Ontario on the United States side. It is known for being the states third most populous city, after New York City and Buffalo. It is also well known for the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology, which are nationally renowned for their research programs. As well, Rochester has been and continues to be the site of many important inventions and innovations in a variety of consumer products.
As an avid "mustard" lover, I was happy to find out that Rochester was home to French's Mustard, whose address was 1 Mustard Street. It is also home to the Genesee Brewing Company, maker of the Genesee beers, Honey Brown, Dundee Ales & Lagers and Labatt Blue Lime. Some of these I did get to try and I can tell you they are yummy!

The local "garbage plate".
The food here is exactly like at home of course, however, the city does have a few seemingly "interesting" local dishes. One of them is "white hot", a variant of the hot dog made by the local Zweigle's company. Another local specialty is the "garbage plate," (which personally does NOT look appetizing) first served at Nick Tahou Hots, this dish traditionally includes cube fries, mac salad, meat sauce, onions, mustard and choice of hot dog or hamburger - eek! I did find out that many local restaurants feature copies or variations of the "garbage plate".

Should you ever find yourself in Rochester, here are few things to see and do, outside of shopping at local artisan shops:
Rochester is also arguably the birth place of photography, as it also known as Kodak Town, taking its name from resident George Eastman, the founder of Kodak. 
George Eastman House, founder of Kodak.
This quaint little city, inside a big state, is home to some really fantastic local finds. From artisans, outdoor festivals, parklands and fantastic scenic drives through the Finger Lakes region – this little area has a few great things to offer during a short stay.


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