DiY - Dinner Napkins


Looking for a simple DIY project on a rainy Friday evening? Why not make some eco-friendly homemade napkins! This is a great, easy to follow project, not just for a rainy day, but especially if you find you have some left over fabric squares that are looking for a purpose.

For those new at sewing, this is a great project to get started on. These easy to follow instructions below will guide you through the process.

The Supply List

Cotton or linen fabric, one yard of your choice (makes four napkins)
      One spool of cotton thread to match your fabric 
         Sewing ruler
         Sewing sissors (make sure they are sharp)
         Straight pins and lots of them!
         Sewing pencil for marking fabric
         Iron & ironing board

Measure & Mark

Ensure the iron is placed on the hottest setting for cotton.

It is important to pre-wash and dry your fabrics before using. Press all fabrics flat so they are easy to measure and mark, then cut fabric into four, 16 inch squares and iron each piece flat.
Take one piece and measure 1/2 inch from the edge with your ruler and mark it with your sewing pencil. Repeat this all around the outter square until you have created four straight marking lines. Now measure 1 inch from the edge with your ruler and mark it with your sewing pencil. Repeat this all around the outter edge to create more marking lines.

Using the Machine 

Watch that you remove straight pins before sewing over them.
 Fold one side of fabric to the first marked line and iron.
Then fold again to the second marked line and iron again.
Ironing as you go will help to keep lines crisp and folds easy to manage.
Pin down the fold with straigh pins to hold it in place.

Continue to fold, iron and pin until all four sides are in place.
Fire up the sewing machine (make sure to thread both the needle and the bobbin properly).
Be sure to understand how your machine works as each one is different.
Begin at your first pin with a few backstitches, sew to the corner. When you come to the corner, leave your needle in the down position, lift the presser foot and rotate napkin 90 degrees. Lower presser foot and sew to next corner. 
Repeat for all corners, end at your last pin with a few backstitches. 

Final Steps 

Sewing machines come with various stitch settings, play with these settings for different thread patterns.

Repeat with the other three napkins until completed and then 
trim off any excess thread that may still be showing.
(Iron all napkins once they are done to ensure crisp smooth lines.)


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