halloween is all about them treats lets be honest. everything bad for you is free range, zero calorie goodness on that day, am i right?!  this year we are the first time in a long time headed out for halloween eve and so i scoured the Pinterest pages to find something spooktactular to make and take.

welcome young frankenstein. 

i openly admit this idea was not my own original thought (wish it was), but what i didn't anticipate when i blocked off a whole evening, dawning my best sweatpants and ponytail to make these, was how quick, easy and little mess it would be.

What you need: All of which i sourced at Michael's, however a good place to go is also your local bulk barn or bake shop.

  • medium size marshmallows
  • green candy melts 
  • edible eyes
  • black icing gel
  • edible pen in black and red
  • bbq skewers

How to do it: Melt your green candy melts following directions on the package (for me with no microwave, i did this by placing the candy in a glass bowl and placing it over a pot of simmering water). Be sure that your candy is well melted and stirred with no clumps. Next place a marshmallow on a skewer and then roll it in your melted green candy, making sure it is well coated. Then place it on a baking sheet lined with wax paper, or stand it up using a vase to allow the candy to cool slightly. When the candy is still fairly soft, place the eyes on, pushing them into place. I suggest doing all your "bases" for as many as you plan to make now as you will need to allow the candy to cool fully for about 20-30 mins before moving on to the next steps. Once the candy has cooled fully, take your black icing gel and fill in the top of the head creating the hair. Using a toothpick, pull sections of the gel forward at the front of the face to create the look of the hair. Place a dab on either side of the face for the bolts (or ears). Finally draw on the mouth and stitches with using your edible pens.

Why not give it a shot tonight or this weekend if you need a last minute edible conversation starter this halloween.


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