Let the mountains be my home


"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity ... " 
(John Muir)

last weekend i escaped my city life for fresh air, unbelievable mountains and the sound of water rushing past. for an entire week I was shipped off to Whister, BC for an event, and was left almost hoping to never return. what more can you ask for in a perfect location really. John Muir had it right, nothing can make you feel healthier and happier than escaping to the wilderness. for me the mountains did just that. I literally felt myself unwind, my muscles relax and i found comfort in my surroundings.  

the event I attended was held at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, which, let's be honest, is a dream hotel and world unto itself. the service is unbelievably impeccable, and the amenities go far above and beyond any other hotel experience. from luxurious sized rooms, friendly staff, restaurants with great food, indoor/outdoor pools and to even free early morning and late evening yoga classes. just once, i recommend you treat yourself to this bucket list experience.

to follow that, if ever you are looking for a fancier outstanding meal out in Whistler, literally head straight to the Rim Rock Cafe. situated in Creekside, this fine dining experience offers by far the best seafood and game meat selections prepared to perfection. I recommend trying the flavoured oysters to start followed by the venison tenderloin ... trust me (i ate them).

broken up into little resort like pockets, Whistler is highly accessible via walking or bike trails, that provide a nice variety for exercise breaks. surrounding some this amazingly lush and rich green environment you will want to be outdoors, so just throw on some SPF and shades, and off you go. if you find yourself in this area and know you have some extra time, head out on one of the many Eco Tours (some include canoeing, skiing or zip-lining), or to the Aboriginal Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centreor plan a trip to Alexander Falls.

one afternoon the weather was perfect and I had a little free time from my event, so I quickly ran over to the Peak to Peak Gondola and headed further up the mountain to take in some killer views.
if heaven is a real place, i think i found it on top of the mountains amoung the clouds.
it's so surreal to me to be in a place where you can be walking in shorts in one minute and in a snow suit skiing around the next.

being a winter lover, i had found my beloved snow and was blissfully loving life that afternoon.

like Muir said, "wilderness is a necessity". i know that now. i surprised myself with how much i loved this place. it's peaceful and perfect to say the least. it is a spot i'll definitely be escaping too when the city gets too much and maybe, just maybe one day ...  i might finally follow that urge to move out into the forest. 


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