LittleBit - Making New Habits


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the other day i watch this TEDTalk video that really stuck with me and got me thinking about where i'm at in my goals (short and long) and where i'm going.

the truth of it is, i'm great at making lists, and i'm good in my intentions, but bad at holding that intention long enough to make it a sound habit. sometimes i stop myself even before i even begin out of fear and feeling overwhelmed.  

so let me welcome the LittleBit app.

studies over the years have shown that it apparently takes a full 21 days to form a new habit and this app is focused on just that. helping work slowly over 21 days to make a new habit. basically here is how it works ...
  1. open app
  2. make goal realistic short term goal you want to achieve as a habit
  3. for 21 days participate in your new habit and track your participation with a picture or log file 
  4. collect 1 point of every day you practice that habit
  5. ta-da! after 21 days you've now formed your habit, proceed to carry on with said habit

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it's always good to regroup and refocus on some good habits in my life. i have some new short term goals i wanna hit and i definitely needed a little kick in the pants to make it happen. So i'm going to give this app a delightful try, and besides it's pretty cute too.

after 21 days i'll post a recap of my goal, if i achieved it or failed (truthfully) and my goal related pictures. fingers crossed it works! happy monday everyone!


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