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when i was younger i remember never waking up to an alarm. in most cases i got up with the sun jumping out of bed, throwing on my sneakers and heading out the door to play outside. as i got older my responsibilities kept getting bigger and my days always seemed to get shorter and shorter. it is easy to get lost in our day-to-day routines, but sometimes a small movement can give you the wake up call you needed to remind you of that kid you used to be.

insert By-Us Co., the creative minds behind valuable initiatives worth talking about. recently By-Us Co launched their latest online campaign @theWhiteshoeproject, focused on bringing back adventure and exploration. the group explains that "it's a project driven by the 'wearer' and the miles that they tread ... white shoe is a canvas that collects stories and experiences." i am so supportive of this simple yet brilliant idea and can't wait to get behind it with my fresh pair of white kicks. to participate just grab your shoes, get out there, get adventurous and curious, and share your experiences through the hashtag #theWhiteshoeproject


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