Hello Beach Hair Babe


image from here, here, here and here

i don't know if it was the relaxed vacation style or the salt water, but i'm VERY into messy beach style hair right now. my mind is already racing with ways to keep up this natural looking style now that i'm back. it's effortless, simple and so perfect for spring and summer. while my natural hair is a dirty blonde colour, it's lightened up a fair bit since the trip, however i'm still dying to book an appointment to add some additional highlights around the face and on the tips. 

i remember way back in the day body wave perms were a big hit in my high school (anyone else?!), which lots of gals used to add thickness and texture to their otherwise flat straight hair. does anyone still do this? because i'm seriously considering about how to make that happen! ah beach vacations. you do such wonderful things for my otherwise limp hair.


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